Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Rails



Color:Antiqued Black Silver

Wish you can organize your collections without taking up much space?

Organizing and sorting our living spaces is never simple. In the process of tidying up, challenging questions arise such as: “Where will I put these extra coffee mugs?”, “Should I buy another cabinet?”, “Will I have enough space?”

It takes a fair amount of calculation and intuition to know which storage fixture is right for your rooms. Before purchasing large cupboards and cabinets, ask yourself first, “Is this really what my room needs?”

Give your home a space-saving and stylish storage solution with PETER’S GOODS Floating Wall Shelves!

Now’s your chance to organize your home and give it an upscale vibe like the rooms you see in interior design catalogs. The torched wood shelf gives you a sturdy and hard-wearing storage space. Made of solid wood cut slightly thicker and wider than most, this shelf lets you store a myriad of containers and decorations.

The powder-coated antiqued silver steel frame and neutral palette adds the best of vintage, industrial, and modern design aesthetics to your home. The edges and surface of the shelves are smooth-sanded to give it a truly sleek finish.

These shelves can carry many differently-shaped items like soap dispensers, coffee canisters, and cups. The rail helps keep your items displayed, not broken or dirtied on the floor.

Still not convinced? Check out these features to help you make a decision:

✅ Mount the shelves yourself. They come pre-assembled (except the 1 towel rod) with spare screws, anchors, and instructions
✅ Can hold maximum of 20 lbs each
✅ Industry certification for being sustainably sourced wood
✅ Utilizes an environment-friendly torching process
✅ Grain patterns vary per shelf, making yours truly unique

Reliable storage, with a twist of elegance. Add PETER’S GOODS Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Metal Rails to your cart TODAY!


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